Amningså funkar det! Nu på Engelska!

Amningså funkar det! Nu på Engelska!


Most pregnant women have a desire to breastfeed the newborn baby.

The purpose of this guide is to give you breastfeeding a good start by increasing knowledge about how breastfeeding works and preparing for common challenges.

Many are unprepared for the newborn baby's needs and behaviors, such as the baby requiring care around the clock and that it has a basic need to be close to its parents.

This is important for both mental and physical development.

We know that breastfeeding can sometimes be a bit challenging in the beginning.

But we also know that the challenges are often temporary and that many difficulties can be completely avoided with the help of knowledge and support.

Breastfeeding is not something that we can or cannot do.

Breastfeeding is an interaction that develops over time.

Authors:Lin Dalén Elisabeth Kylberg Illustrations: Emma Prowse

36 pages.

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