The 9 Stages of Premature Infants: Preterm Breastfeeding Behaviors While Held Skin-to-Skin DVD

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Witness the amazing capacity of premature infants as they move through the nine stages while in skin-to-skin contact with their parents in the days and weeks following their birth. The opportunity to have time skin-to-skin in the NICU offers amazing physiological benefits for these vulnerable babies and strengthens the emotional bonds between the parents and their children as well. Join us to see and understand how allowing and encouraging time for skin-to-skin contact in the NICU can help premature infants get off to the very best start!



  • The 9 Stages of Premature Infants While Skin-to-Skin
  • Connecting the Dots Between Full Term and Preterm Behaviors While Skin-to-Skin
  • Preterm Infants’ Breastfeeding Behaviors While Held Skin-to-Skin: Advice for Staff
  • Overviews of the 9 stages, featuring footage of premature infants.

Run Time: 32 minutes
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Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen

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